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Terra Natura Murcia

Terra Natura Murcia is a new-generation wildlife park where you can discover the “Zooimmersion” experience – a new concept in habitat design which will enable you to come into contact with the animals as if there were no barriers between you – at least, no visible ones!
The 165,445 m² of the Murcia park are divided into two themed areas: the African Savannah and the Iberian Peninsula.

At Terra Natura Murcia you can see more than 300 animals from 50 different species, three of which are in serious danger of extinction, plus over 500 examples of more than 50 species of trees, shrubs and ground cover plants from these regions.
As well as the hugely varied collection of wildlife, our educational information (through placards with biological details and information points), the architectural theming and the range of shows, entertainment and adventure activities make Terra Natura Murcia the number one choice for families looking to spend an interesting and entertaining day in a natural setting.

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Aqua Natura, the only water park Terra Natura Murcia region offers the visitor. THE WATERPARK R-OPENS MAY 2017
 Pools for adults and children, slides, soft tracks, kamikazes, lazy river, animations and games for children ... or the exclusivity of a bath with a copy of this sea lion makes a refreshing idea water park in the town centre. The area is divided into about 30,000 m2 of total area. Recreating the Zanzibar archipelago in the Pacific. It is an oasis to refresh and relax near the centre of Murcia.

Prison Island is the pool for accompanied children and adults, with a water castle 4 modules with swinging hub and several relaxing water jets to delight the whole family.

Hub:The hub and its avalanche water and refresh you will have fun while. Get ready to receive a tsunami of more than 800 litres of water.

Grave island: Is a splash pool, in the playground for children with water games and slides of smaller size, offering smaller users the ability to use the same slides as adults but its scale. None of these children slides more than 2 metres high and experienced lifeguards keep a watchful eye out.

RUFUI RIVER: Grab a single or double float and set off on a gentle aquatic journey driven by the soothing flow of the current on our lazy river. As the sun shines down on you let your worries float away as you are taken gently along this very 'lazy' river. great fun with single and double floats available.

More Information

Enjoy the slides at Aqua Natura.
The Black Hole:
medium-sized chute which you can go down on either a single or double float, for double the fun!  The strobe lighting effect adds to the feeling of entering the unknown. This is one of the parks most popular attractions.

• Adventure River: the Giant Chute has been made even wider so you can enjoy it on a single or double float.  This is one of the most popular attractions in the park with a very high visitor capacity.
• Kamikaze: a high-speed attraction which gives you the feeling of being in free fall on a roller coaster with all its  different configurations. The design of the Kamikaze at Terra Natura has been meticulously engineered to offer  the biggest possible thrill backed by the highest standards of security in the leisure industry.

Speed Hole: similar to the Kamikaze, the difference being that it is semi-open. Like the Kamikaze, users reach  tremendous speeds in a uniquely thrilling experience.

• Gentle chutes: a chute with 4 parallel lanes that takes you straight down to the water over gently undulating  bumps. The smooth material makes floats unnecessary and gives a really fun, slippery sensation, and you can  enjoy speed competitions with your friends on all four lanes at the same time!

Map & Directions

Terra Natura is located to the north-west of the town of Espinardo in Murcia on the east coast of Spain. Access is via the A-7 motorway and the Murcia highway. The park lies right next to the Murcia University Campus in Espinardo. The address is C/Regidor Cayetano Gago S/N (30100) Espinardo, Murcia province. Aqua Natura water park is next door.

How to get there:
From A-7 Murcia - Alicante motorway , exit 136-Universidad de Murcia.
From A-7 Alicante - Murcia motorway , exit 762b (Murcia Center).
From A-30 Albacete - Murcia motorway, direction Murcia (Center).
By bus:The bus line 31 come out from the square of the red cross for Great V ía and it stops in the park, of Monday to Saturday spends each stocking hour and on Sunday every hour. The line 39A, he/she comes from the station of ff.cc, of Monday to Friday passes each 15 mints.
The line 39 C from Infante Juan Manuel (Pio Baroja) of Monday to Friday each 30 mints.
By taxi:There are taxi ranks both in Murcia and the park itself which provide services to and from the park.
Tram's Line 1 leaves from Plaza Circular stopping at Urb. Los Rectores - Terra Natura

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