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Palais Benedictine


One fine day in 1863 Alexandre Le Grand, a wine trader from Fécamp, quite by chance discovered the composition of this elixir lost during the Revolution in his library. Intrigued, he decided to decipher the recipe and after a year’s effort succeeded in reconstituting it. The elixir thus became a liqueur that he called Bénédictine in tribute to the Benedictine monk, Dom Bernardo Vincelli. He had the sumptuous Palais Bénédictine built to provide a prestigious setting for the distillery of the liqueur (which is still in operation today) and for his collection of works of art.

This eclectic building will make visitors discover Bénédictine through a unique experience. They will first explore the museum, which houses rich collections of sacred and ancient art related to the legacy of Bénédictine, as well as a room dedicated to its industrial history. The guided tour then leads to the one and only Bénédictine distillery in the world, with its 19th century hammered copper stills, and to the cellars. Eventually, visitors can enjoy the contemporary art exhibition, before heading to the Winter Garden where they are offered a tasting of one of the three Bénédictine Expressions (for adult over 18 only).

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