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Grévin Muséum Prague Tickets

Grévin  - the world where the reality is mingled with the appearance, the true with the false and where the realism of characters creates a hard-to-recognise illusion. It presents wax sculptures in a way no one did before. In breathtaking decors, it offers an immersive journey through time, made of incredible encounters with personalities that have shaped the history of yesterday and today.

Experience Prague in a fun way you will never forget. Musée Grévin offers it all – fun, entertainment and a lot of Czech history.

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Grévin – The Most Entertaining Wax Attraction in Central Europe!

A visit to Grévin Prague is an exciting journey from history to present. Leave reality behind and enter the legends in our seven interactive universes where reality and imagination become one. Grévin exhibits life-like wax figurines of Czech and world famous personalities in rich scenography setting, full of visual and sound effects.

Sing with Michael Jackson, take a selfie with Brad Pitt or play the piano with Mozart. Meet with the Empress Marie Therese and Golem before you go party with George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Karel Gott.

Create your own 3D wax figurine in a compute and share your experience with friends.

Visit the various worlds at Prague including:

  • The Magic Laboratory
  • The Old Prague Café
  • The Champions
  • History
  • The Magic Theatre
  • The "Discovery" Workshop
  • The Ballroom
  • The "Discovery" Workshop


At the site:

  • Magic souvenir shop
  • Café Grévin
  • Free WiFi


Why not combine your visit to Grevin Museum Prague with other famous attractions and activities in Prague such as Prague River Cruise or Prague Castle.

Visits to Grévin Praha are entertaining, glamorous and truly unforgettable. Party with the King of Pop, mingle with the movie stars or take a selfie with the most influential politicians of our time.

The Magic Laboratory
Enter the charming world of Grévin, in which we begin our journey with a visit to the Enchanted Laboratory. With every step, you will encounter the realms of mystery and magic. At first sight, it seems that this alchemic laboratory is deserted - it is however not so ... 

Rudolf II, the emperor, partially acquired fame for his exploration into the sciences, and partially through gathering astronomers and alchemists, as was to his delight. An opportunity awaits you in meeting one of those alchemists. In our laboratory, you will find yourself surrounded by mysterious potions, unknown tools and apparatuses. An unexpected meeting with one of our alchemists will familiarize you with one particular apparatus.

The alchemist and his Enchanted Laboratory are awaiting your very visit. Enter and let yourselves be taken on a journey to the world of magic and marvel. The whole of Grévin is filled with them so wait no more and enter!

The Old Prague café​
What was it that made our hundred-spired mother, the heart of Europe, our beloved Prague so famous? Yes, the old-Prague cafés. Be welcome to one such café, a very unconventional one …

Styled as a Café Grévin, a whole dreamworld full of unexpected pictures and profound experiences.  By travelling through time and space, this café will set you on your way to an enchanted history.

The Champions
Grévin accommodates the world’s greatest celebrities, including fabulous sportsmen. Can you think of a boy who has never chased a ball like Pavel Nedvěd or Tomáš Rosický, or even a girl who would not have done so with a tennis ball, like Martina Navrátilová? ... 

Grévin Prague has tailored an original trip for you, one touching upon the history of Czech lands and estates. You are expected at the court of Saint Wenceslaus, who will meet you mounted on his horse. Furthermore, you will meet with the emperor Rudolf II, a celebrated Bohemian monarch and emperor Charles IV, and with highly-principled Master Jan Hus ...

The Magic Theater
Grévin Magic Theater will surround you with an ambiance full of theater boards, which encompass the world of velvet, and this mysterious darkness behind the theatre curtain. You will form part of a relaxed atmosphere that this theatre provides, and be neighbours of celebrated actors and artists ... 

The Ballroom
The moment you enter the ballroom, you will fully understand that Grévin is truly a temple filled with celebrities. You will enter the glamorous world of lights and luxury, in which the most famous people in the world live ... Grévin is the place where you can meet all of them at once! The sultry George Clooney with the elegant Meryl Streep at his side will be awaiting you. Your heartbeat will increase at the sight of the star couple, gorgeous Angelina Jolie and attractive Brad Pitt. There is just so much to see! Let yourselves be immersed in the atmosphere of the society’s peak and become celebrities yourselves! Meet with Marilyn Monroe, Cameron Diaz, Nicolas Cage, Céline Dion or the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. And don’t miss out Karel Gott!

The "Discovery" Workshop
In the interactive workshop, do the 3D file of your own face with our computer. This is fun and free! It could be your new cover picture on Facebook?

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