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With more than 40 million visitors since it opened, Futuroscope is one of the best-loved leisure parks in France and the only one of its kind in Europe.
Futuroscope is the ideal place to relax in, with 60 hectares of tranquil green countryside and 25 original experiences you won’t find anywhere else: films in giant format, thrill-filled attractions, 3D rides with 4D effects games, live shows, open-air activities, and more….

NEW FOR 2016: getting in touch with your inner animal for totally cool 4D family fun and adventure with the characters of Ice Age, the Attraction, followed after dark by the new aquatic fairytale fantasy “La Forge aux Etoiles” from Cirque du Soleil. Remember to check out Futuroscope’s star attractions: The Time Machine with the Raving Rabbids, Arthur, the 4D Adventure, both THEA* "Outstanding Achievement" award winners, Dances with Robots, and the dizzying mid-air experience of the Aerobar

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Futuroscope, Expect the unexpected...

The smart rate is only available when booking up to 3 days before the day of the visit. 

Get away to one of France’s most popular amusement parks and the only one of its kind in Europe!  To discover a map of the parc please click HERE!

Absorb the fantastic, fun and fairy-tale Futuroscope atmosphere with over 25 original experiences waiting for you in our stunning attraction theatres, as heart-thumping adventures, outrageous thrills, mind-blowing journeys, the fairy-tale evening show and fascinating attractions deliver delights to suit all tastes and ages!


La Vallée des Singes

Founded in 1998, La Vallée des Singes is both an entertainment venue, as well as a place of knowledge of the wilderness and ecological awareness. Since its creation, the park has welcomed over 2 million visitors and recorded around 500 births.

La Vallée des Singes has 400 primates (monkeys and lemurs) of 30 different species that roam freely on 15 territories.

  • Bonobos are the last residents that have arrived at the park: which is a French exclusivity. 
  • Impressive and placid, Gorillas, the park is home to the largest group of Gorillas in France especially thanks to the 10 babies born there and that have truly become the stars on their wooded island.
  • Chimps escaped from a laboratory sink a life of a disturbing resemblance to ours, made alliances, politics and infighting over a vast territory of 60,000 m3.
  • The park also hosts the lesser known and endangered species such as the woolly monkey, Titi or Diana Roloway.

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Discover the new surprises for 2016 :

  • Ice Age: Get in touch with your inner animal for family fun with the characters from Ice Age as you go slip-sliding into epic adventures with Sid and his friends, shivering in the snow and trembling to T-Rex… A totally cool immersive adventure featuring physical in-theatre effects, a dynamic platform and laughs galore!
  • Futur, l’Expo- The Exhibition : A fun, hands-on journey into the future. Robots, connected devices, smart wardrobes, touch-operated tables, 3D printers, and more, all feature in this exhibition that explores how we will communicate, use our imaginations and consume in the not too distant future, and lets you try out the groundbreaking technologies that will change how we live our lives in 10 fun, hands-on experiences.
  • La Forge aux Etoiles : The new aquatic fairytale evening show from Cirque du Soleil. Futuroscope’s new evening show is a big-bang blend of visual, aquatic and pyrotechnical effects. The constellation of fairytale scenes tells the story of a young real girl who meets a virtual giant with his feet on the ground and his head in the stars. Every evening after dark- Included in the price of admission.
  • Tiny Giants : These tiny creatures need great skill and enormous bravery to survive…. Tiny Giants is a highly informative animal western on a gigantic screen! A BBC Earth production.
  • D Day- Normandy : June 6, 1944- A historic landing changed the world This large format, full 3-D documentary gives a first hand-view of the Normandy landings codenamed “Operation Overlord one of the most important military campaigns of the Second World War. This documentary looks at the background to the campaign and the military strategies and explores in detail exactly why and how, from the end of 1943 through August 1944, this region became the most important location in the  world...Narrated by Tom Brokaw. Alternating program- D- Day or Wings of courage Shown in the Studio 16 cinema theatre.
  • “La Table d’Arthur” restaurant:  Arthur invites you to discover his amazing buffet meal, with amusing verrines, new vegetables, hot and cold foods, wok dishes, selection of sweets, and more. Our chefs display their full inventive flair to create a treasure trove of fresh, gourmet flavours that keep the Minimoys adventure alive.

Don't forget the Best-Of Futuroscope attractions like The Time Machine with the Raving RabbidsArthur, the 4D Adventure!Dances with RobotsAerobarThe Arena Fun XperiencesThe Kube MysteriesMysteries of the unseen WorldThe ExplorariumDynamic Vienne with its hilarious 4D effects, ImagicThe 8th Continent, Cosmic Collisions.


La Vallée des Singes

New in 2016 

The kingdom of lemurs
Due to the 6 species of lemurs already present in the park, Monkey Valley hosts the next season with this primate species. Lemurs are the only breed that build a nest to accommodate thier babies at birth, the newborn stays there nearly a month and a half. Subsequently, as carnivores, the mother moves with his little run by the scruff of the neck between her teeth.

Gibbons bonnet
Marked with sexual dimorphism (the male is black with white tips, the female is beige with black tips), this species of great apes, is very clever, and spends most of his time in the canopy. Monkey Valley will receive in early 2016 a pair of this species that will be especially for breeding.

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Futuroscope - Smart Rate Ticket

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